About Me

Hi! I’m Antoinette Olivia Taylor. A lawyer sporting a Vogue  magazine.

From law to fashion. From fashion to law. 

I was born in England. For years I was a partner in a City law firm and eventually opened my own commercial City practice.

Despite wading through bundles of documents and legal cases, I always kept an eye on fashion.

My love for travel to warmer climates, the sun, clear blue sea, white sandy beaches lead me to sketching and drawing illustrations every spare moment of my busy legal practice.

I have a particular passion for the Caribbean, the people, the landscape, the weather, the sense of freedom, innovation and sense of humour.
The brightness, the detail, the vibrancy, the culture and the fashion sensitivity, of the Caribbean lends itself to me working with colour, texture and interesting materials.
In 2005, I decided to launch my first Antoinette Olivia swimwear collection at Caribbean Fashion Week. I created a collection that was original, then made the collection into something visual, and along the way, I added wearability and commercial appeal.
There are similarities in life, as a lawyer, in that you use lateral thinking in both law and design. I look at something at so many different angles, and find an equilibrium. Creating swimwear is logical, and so is law. Design is very academic.
I am fascinated by how to perfect a design and my embodiment of perfection is my beautiful stylish dog – Louis XIV.

Antoinette & Louis XIV
Antoinette & Louis XIV
AntoinetteOlivia blue Swimsuit and Louis XIV-Bishon Frise.?
AntoinetteOlivia blue Swimsuit and Louis XIV-Bishon Frise.?


AntoinetteOlivia style counsel. 


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