Canine couture could it be faced with prosecution ?

Dogs have owners, but Louis XIV my dear dog had staff.

Louis XIV had personal carers, a guardian, groomer, fashion and hairstylist, publicist , photographer, masseur, dentist, vet, walker , coach, social media followers, and even a dietician.

As most of my followers, are aware, I had to let go of my angel Louis XIV on Monday, the 29th of January last. During the last two years of his life, he developed diabetes, having to endure daily double insulin injections with a strict controlled diet.  I understand, that during the last two years of his life, he developed liver cancer.  My angel passed peacefully in my arms.  The alternative would have been the remaining time of his life to enduring a painful chemotherapy course of treatment, with no certain guarantee of recovering due to his age and diabetes.

Yet even during his final moments, he still held his head proudly with his perfectly clipped and coiffed Afro mane.  He handsomely wore his chrome designer handmade Holy & Lil harness retailing at some £225 and his matching horse tail lead made with the finest of leather costing some £150.

However where there is meaningful canine couture there can be a dark side which has dire legal consequences.


The RSPCA charity claim that forcing pets to wear clothing could be harmful and in some cases there may be grounds to prosecute.

I noticed (and to a great extent I was caught in the crazed canine culture) that dogs had become fashionable with a dizzying array of products from booties, scarves, neckties, pyjamas, towel robes, all in one dog suits, hoodies. The list goes on.

Even Louis XIV regularly attended Harrods Knightsbridge, where he would have a personal porter to escort him to the top floor pet boutique and would occasionally attend the fashion shows called Pet-a-Porter, which took place annually.

It is a known fact that people love their pets and the retail trade latches onto this and exploits the pet owner-me included!  I was often paying hundreds of pounds for clothing for Louis XIV.

However, I believe that I did maintain a sensible balance, where if any clothing seemed to cause harm or discomfort to Louis XIV, then I would swiftly discard them.  But Louis, would always let me know what he was comfortable in.  He would sport handsomely and proudly bow ties, chic chrome harnesses, hoodies in the snow, and raincoats.  Louis and I often paired a Holly & Lil chrome harness with an all in one on trend dog (cat) suit pulling off another sartorial trompe l’oeill. Thus an effortless one-stop way to keep Louis XIV dry, white and cool.

However, the rising celebrities having handbag dogs means a lot of people take on pets because they are “fashionable“ and sadly it can mean that their best interests as dogs can be neglected.

I was always minded, that although Louis may have occasionally thought so, he was not a human being, and therefore dressing him as a human being was unnatural.

Louis XIV  was once given a set of four booties, as an act of sincere kindness, due to his well known dislike of the rain. When the boots were put on Louis, he immediately expressed his dislike of the booties and showed clear distress when trying to take a step or four steps in them.  So as not to cause any further distress for Louis, the booties were promptly discarded.

There has been evidence, of dogs in coats and hats overheating.

All you dog owners, should be aware that under the Animal Welfare Act, which came into force in April 2007, you have a duty of care to ensure that all your pets needs are met.

One of the needs expresses normal behaviour and it is considered that restrictive clothing means that dogs cannot express normal behaviour. Therefore a dogs clothing must be fit properly.

My Louis XIV is irreplaceable.

I shall miss my companion Louis XIV  on our charming walks, our receipt of daily admiring smiles and glances, our mischievous games, us peering through windows, our rides on London buses and trains, our amazing friends both humans and dogs (even the occasional cats) Louis XIV pictorial and social media followers all over the world, our drinking and reading in the parks, and simply watching the world go by. The last being Louis XIV favourite pastime – just so long as he was in ‘his’ own good company.

In memory of my angel and my boo- Louis XIV. RIP 29 January 2018. ????.




18 thoughts on “Canine couture could it be faced with prosecution ?

  1. Thank God I had the honour of being a loyal servant to Louis IV !!!! During my years of service, I have seen dogs who have been forced into booties, some developing an irritation come fungus that will not clear with medication. The skin on the footpads are permanently raw and painful. Thankfully Louis ‘ wise owner took his advice when he strongly rejected the booties. I love Louis ‘ photo tribute- capturing the magic of Louis who always had the ability to put a broad smile on one’s face! Louis and his family shared a good and supportive life together filled with dedication and the kind of love that can make you move moutains. Ahhh- the power of Louis!

    1. Thank you Maria.
      You were truly one of Louis XIV staff. His carer, his dog handler at dog shows, one of his guardians, and groomer at your studio named Pooches in Mill Hill.
      I thank you on behalf of Louis XIV for your Louis bearing, your Louis laughter and loving sharing and your Louis XIV forever caring.
      We send you Maria a very appreciated, hug filled, heartfelt thanks which continues in your kind gesture to make an occasion in getting a plant in memory of our Louis XIV. ???.

  2. wow. befitting farewell rendition.
    rest in peace stylish handsome beautiful soul.
    thank you for the beautiful memories Louis XIV.
    Tony you were blessed indeed

    1. Yes Queen. I was certainly blessed from the day we chose each other in April 2004. He was just a bundle of cotton wool at the time, but his deep intense dark button eyes made it clear that I was to take him home and we were about to embark on a blessed journey. ??????

  3. Louis was more than my nephew…he was my Friend. I love ? you LouisXIV and I miss you so much. ? Forever love my Oodle! Have fun in heaven with Grandma. Auntie jean jean. Xxxxxxx

  4. Your Louis was as “le Grand” as the original, a King who brought sun into your life. Antoinette without her Louis is truly sad. May you now rest knowing he is now at peace and no longer in pain.

  5. We’re so terribly sorry to read of your sweet Louis XIV’s passing, Antoinette. We understand first hand how our pets are so much more than that – they are a part of our lives and irreplaceable in our hearts. Each one with their own very special personalities. Your Louis looked like he had a big personality for a small dog and we know he was loved very much! Thinking of you and sending much love from your friends in SA. xxxx

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