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Fashion and Instagram as an advertising tool.
The fashion designer will use Instagram to avoid the principal legal issues and regulations that arise in a fashion advert.
Instagram is a mobile photo sharing application and service that allows users to share pictures and videos either publicly or privately on the service, as well as through a variety of other sound networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Snapchat and Flickr.
It’s that glimpse into a designers mind, as well as their stock cupboard, that makes Instagram so intriguing, turning a feed into a living mood board.
Fashion designers double check the banner, and not just post cold products, they give insight into their working methods, their ideas, their staff, their mindset and most of all their inspiration. Yes, they creat a great marketing tool, to sell their designs.
Designers including my label Antoinette Olivia Swimwear designs, seize on Instagram to tell our story and seduce consumers all around the world, reaching potentially millions of global followers.
It is truly an indispensable way of communicating your brand. If used correctly, it can give you direct access to other designers, photographers, editors, stylists and models. Moreover, it is global networking made easier by simply posting on Instagram.
The only criticism of Instagram is that there is no direct way to commerce. Although Instagram has introduced clickable advertisements via its “carousel”platform, labels are hoping that a more direct path to purchase (a “shop now” button) will eventually be introduced. But until then, labels will still use Instagram for engagement and inspiration of their consumers.

Antoinette at AntoinetteOlivia Swimwear at Caribbean Fashion Week 2007

However let us not forget that consumer protection laws that apply to traditional media equally apply to online and mobile media. I hasten to add that for the purposes of my global readers, I speak mainly in respect of the laws of England and Wales.
The law regulates all those who provide goods and services to consumers, regardless of whether they are doing it in the course of a business activity and regardless of whether they are formally registered as businesses. Under the Consumer Protection Law and its regulations, the consumer has the right to return any good that he or she buys within 15 days of receiving that good if it does not satisfy the purpose for which it was purchased, is faulty, or does not match its original description. It is prohibited for the supplier to declare that any goods purchased cannot be returned and must accept the returned goods or fix them without any additional cost to the consumer.

There are also Terms of Use effective from 19 January 2013 for the use of Instagram of which astute users should be aware of. This gives, amongst other things, general conditions, rights, reporting provisions and arbitration . See

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18 thoughts on “Fashion and Instagram

  1. This is a fabulous design. I love the way you use the material together absolutely beautiful. congratulations on your creative ability to design something new that no one else has done before the colours are beautiful put together absolutely fabulous

  2. I absolutely love your line Tony!!! Please send me pix of all designs available. . WhatsApp would be best
    Opening a shop in the Art district. .Miami soon..X

  3. The Antoinette,s Olivia Swimwear brand is freash and glamorous that bring out your inner ambition that makes you feel free and desirable on the beach. The directive to the brand it about you and your needs. The informal legal provision is fitting to the consumers benefit and a sound step in the right direction for Antoinette’s Fashion Blog

  4. Beautiful vibrant colours banded together in wonderful lines and texture.

    Eye catching, modern and ever
    so stylish. Stunning.

  5. Very informative article shedding much light on the benefits of Instagram. I love the way you integrate the creative and legal aspects of the subject

    1. Thank you Paul. Gladly so, the vast number of fashion businesses are aspiring to reach the heights of various, public and private fashion giants, branded retail locations with trademarks, world wide licenses and working relationships with global retailers, models, stylist and celebrities. In that aspiration, fashion industry members are acknowledging the need to resort to legal assistance. Thank you for your contribution.

  6. Good to see that your legal mind and your passion for fashion can be amalgamated. It allows you to travel to the warmer climates fusing both sides of your businesses. Well done Antoinette continue to be inspired and be an inspiration to others. God bless you as you continue to grow. SelwynJean-Baptiste xx

    1. Yes it’s exciting to be able to tackle fusing two areas that I am principally interested in, and I am endeavouring to do so in a creative and moreover interesting way.
      Thank you Selwyn for your comments, they are truly warm and I am honoured ??.

  7. The future is online although I prefer meeting my customers
    It is not always physically possible and the birth of the Internet has given the everyday person the ability to promote their products to people they would never meet or see in their lifetimes.
    As an old school creative this new platform does take time to learn and understand but once you have the steering wheel and you’re in control of the vehicle it can propel you to new emerging markets.
    The only trick is how do you get these potential customers to your online promotion site.

    1. An interesting and comprehensive comment Devon. With thanks.
      I believe that ways to entice potential consumers (although not exhaustive)to your shop are:-
      1. To seek to be included in a gift guide, for instance secret Santa gift, which can drive traffic to your store .
      2. Email new subscribers by offering incentives to shop at your store.
      3. Agree an affiliation arrangement by paying another organisation a commission to promote your product.
      4. Send bloggers samples of your product.
      5. Go live with Periscope by offering a demo of your product and undertaking a question and answer session.
      6. Post on Pinterest.
      7. Facebook custom audiences.
      8. Add a Facebook ad shop section to your Facebook page.
      9. Referral marketing which is the oldest marketing method.
      10. YouTube.

      Thanking you for your continued support by your feedback.?.

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