Masks Today, Gone Tomorrow Or Not?

Style triumphs over COVID-19 health risks.

Not the spring/summer 2020 season, but the COVID-19 season, where it’s simple to be stylishly virus free and virus free to be simple.

During these extraordinary times when the health authorities and the London Mayor, encourages us to wear masks in public, and where such announcements are feeding into a feeling of discombobulation , it is easy to spot the fashion conscious winners of the field.

The masks in this post may not instil excitement, but merely fear, panic, stress, concern and maybe even depression. But fashion arbiters have learned to make masks interesting and desirable. Not only functional, but also a fashion accessory. Given that they do take up a large part of our face, we should not be surprised that those fashion conscious winners will look for more pleasing masks.

The US agency- the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued orders in New York, New Jersey and Puerto Rico, that the people must wear masks in public places where social distancing of 6 feet is impossible. It is said that although prison is unlikely, fines could be issued, should masks in these circumstances not be worn.

The U.K. government says that face coverings have ‘weak but positive effects’ in slowing the spread of Coronavirus.

The winners, are those who learn to wear a mask that complements their colouring and does not compete with their outfit.

See above the President of Slovakia’s and tailored matching fabric mask. [Photo reserved © copyrights]

At this time of uncertainty, fear and anxiety, you may be thinking that the last thing even on those fashion conscious peoples mind should be what colour mask will complement their suit, dress, jacket ensemble, or what fabric decorating the mask should be used, which will match their perfectly coordinated sartorial dress?

But there is even a call for style for churchgoers, once they start the new normal and churches are re-opened.

The bespoke couturiers will show in their future collections how to make a mask suitably stylish, whether at their wedding or an engagement.


Note Miley Cyprus wearing Gucci’s iconic double G logo mask. [Photo reserved © copyrights]

The message is simple- be safe, be virus free, be chic, be stylish, but keep your face under wraps. 😷

Perhaps in a less grim way and something even to enable a smile 😃.

8 thoughts on “Masks Today, Gone Tomorrow Or Not?

  1. Great article. Love the mask with the zip. Many times I needed not to remove the mask to drink water in this hot weather. Well done for keeping us all fashion-aware. Perhaps you may choose to weigh in with your own mask collection?

  2. Might I add that Muslim women have been wearing masks throughout their lifetime. Perhaps we could learn something from them, given that masks may become a new normal.

  3. A light hearted tongue in the cheek (of a mouth covered by a designer mask), look at the fashion fallout of Covid-19.

    Thanks for making me smile.

  4. Awesome! Mask will be worn for a long time for protection, why not make it fashionable yea, I love it! I would take along with me at least 3 per day just in case, I like the 3rd mannequin from top and I like the zipper one only if the zip is shorter, just for a beer, ha ha ha🤣

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